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"The Media Cap: Itís Just the Beginning"  Handheld Computing for Mobility. Aug 2003



"Achieving Wireless Security: Safe Data Passage for the Road Warrior"   Fall COMDEX Preview. Nov 2001



"Donít Pinch Yourself! Wireless Life Now a Reality"   Fall COMDEX Preview. Nov 2000

"Discovering Information Technology"   UTC Journal. Summer 2000

"Wireless Computing Spearheads Information Technology" COMDEX Canada 2000 Preview/ Spring COMDEX Preview.  Apr 2000

"Wireless Connects Business, Consumers with Always Available Info"  COMDEX Canada Daily.  Jul 2000



"From Science Fiction to Reality: Wireless Computing is Here to Stay" COMDEX Canada, Jul 1999 (Written in French)

"Selecting a Wireless Network" Electrical World.   Jul/Aug 1999 and    Information Technologies for Utilities.  Jul/Aug 1999   

"Mobile & Wireless Showcase Anywhere, Anytime C"     COMDEX Preview. Apr 1999





"Processing Power in the Palm of Your Hand"  Information Technologies for Utilities.  Jul/Aug 1998

"The Ins and Outs of Uplinks and Downlinks"  Information Technologies for Utilities. May/Jun 1998

"A New Way of Working"  Wireless Business & Technology. Apr 1998

"Picking A Mobile Computing/Communications System"     OAG Frequent Flyer magazine. Mar 1998

"Quality Service Hits the Airwaves"  Information Technologies for Utilities.  Jan/Feb 1998



"Extending Enterprise Systems to the Field"  Information Technologies for Utilities.  Jun 1997

"Marketing Strategies for Wireless Carriers" Wireless Business & Technology.  Jan 1997




"Cost Justifying Wireless Data"   Wireless for the Corporate User. Dec 1996

"Selecting a Wireless Computing Platform"   Information Technologies for Utilities. Dec 1996

"National Accounts ó a Win-Win Deal for Wireless Users and Carriers"  Wireless for the Corporate User. Nov 1996

"Wireless on a Global Scale" Wireless for the Corporate User. Oct 1996

"Software: The Keystone of Utility Wireless Communications" Information Technologies for Utilities. Sep 1996

"Wireless Carriers: So Many Choices, So Many Pitfalls"    Information Technologies for Utilities. Jun 1996

"Simplicity Series Part 2: Selling Products Using the KISS Concept" NEWAVES. Mar 1996

"Can the Marketplace Meet Consumer Demand ? "  NEWAVES. Dec 1995/Jan 1996



"The Five P's of Marketing Emerging Technologies" NEWAVES. Nov 1995

"The Plan: Planning, Developing and Delivering Wireless Computing Solutions" NEWAVES.  Oct 1995                                                                

"Mobile Consumers Make or Break Wireless Systems"  COMDEX Preview.  Jun 1995

"Sorting out the Highway Hodgepodge"  Wireless World. Feb 1995



"Computing Communication Took 10 Years to Develop"   COMDEX Preview. Oct 1994/ COMDEX Preview-IT for Wall Street.  Oct 1994

"Driving the Data Marketplace: From Vertical to Horizontal"  (on file with author)

"Delivering Information to Empower the Mobile Professional"  (on file with author)

"Transitioning from Paging to Two-Way"  (on file with author)

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